Dale Denno for Maine House

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I have decided to run again for the HD 45 House seat. We have lost our independent voice in Augusta, and we need to get it back. 

In the past, Meredith Burgess and Steve Moriarty represented our district with voices of reason, moderation and independence. I believe those values continue to reflect the views of a majority of the district’s voters, and I am confident that I am the best candidate to continue in Meredith’s and Steve’s tradition. From voting to shut down the government, to backing the veto of Land for Maine’s Future bonds, to opposing investment in affordable senior housing, the voice of our district has lost the spirit of independence and moderation. I don’t think that’s who we are, and I am asking the voters of Cumberland and portion of Gray to let me be their voice in Augusta.

Having carried Cumberland and fallen only 16 votes short of victory in 2014, I come once again to the voters, asking you to give me your votes and your confidence. I hope the voters will see that there is a clear choice, to return to the principles and values that have sustained us for so many years. I promise to work hard to win your vote and, if elected, to work for you and all the people of Maine. Above all, I will keep my promises and remain true to District 45, regardless of the political pressures exerted by powerful interests.

I have experience in Health and Human Services (as director of the largest agency in DHHS), state and local education (6 years on the SAD 51 School board), and family farming (having grown up on a small, family-run dairy farm). Most of my career was in the private sector (CIGNA, UNUM and SPX Corp.), where business success generated jobs to support Maine citizens. As an agency director in DHHS, I regularly met with and testified before Legislative committees, where I earned the respect of both Democrats and Republicans as a straight-shooter focused on results. If elected, I will be ready on Day 1 to effectively represent the interests of the citizens of H.D. #45.

In Cumberland, I am chairman of the Town’s Aging in Place Committee, which is focused on developing a community that helps our seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible.

Video: Why I am running for this seat





  1. Hi Dale, It was good to meet you at my door this morning. I really meant it when I thanked you for running. We will never return to sane and wise government as long as we keep sending incompetent and blind-folded kneejerk conservatives to govern. I speak as an Eisenhower Republican who had to give up on my party about twenty years ago. Also thank you for work on Aging in place. That is something my wife and I hope o benefit from. You will have our votes for sure on Nov. 4. Hope you make it. Carl Russell, 2 Mackworth Lane, Rockwood.

  2. Dale, thanks for stopping by this evening. My biggest issue is getting money out of politics. Please check out this website. http://www.wolf-pac.com/ You say you are a moderate, and there is literally nothing more moderate than getting money out of politics. Thanks for running!

    1. Pierce, thanks for the note. Citizens United was probably the worst SCOTUS decision in recent memory. I would be happy to be part of the effort to amend the Constitution to undo its harm. I’d be happy to have coffee (or a beer) sometime if you want to discuss further. It’s heartening to know that my fellow citizens are on top of this issue.

  3. Hi Dale
    Any way I can get a lawn sign to put up in my yard? 19 Shore Road (Forest Lake) Gray. Let me know.
    Lorrayne Mastrangelo

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