Key Issues


  • Leadership in education at all levels, from Pre-K to a vibrant university system
  • Commitment to preserving Maine’s water, land, and air quality
  • Leveraging work process redesign and technology to drive more efficient, cost-effective, and responsive government
  • Basic health care for our citizens and relief for hospital emergency rooms from providing primary medical support to the uninsured
  • Equal rights for all Maine citizens; every single Mainer deserves to be treated with dignity
  • Stimulating growth of small businesses and farms to provide job opportunities

We have been lucky to have had Meredith Burgess and Steve Moriarty as our Representatives in the past. Both Meredith and Steve were voices of moderation and common sense bipartisanship in Augusta.

Having fallen 16 votes short of victory in 2014, I have decided to again seek the privilege to serve our community as representative in the Maine House.

I believe that I have the skills and experience to make an impact in Augusta. I have an extensive business background, including 16 years as a Vice-President at UNUM (in both legal and marketing roles) and later as contract director at Dielectric in Raymond. I have a broad knowledge of educational issues, having served on the SAD 51 school board for 6 years, including a year as chairman. And I understand of how state government works, first as an Assistant Attorney General, and most recently as director of the largest office within DHHS (as a Republican appointee). In that latter role, I worked closely with both Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature, earning the respect of both.

My personal history helped to shape my political views. I grew up poor, as one of eight children on a family-run dairy farm. Neither of my parents had the benefit of a high-school education. We had no health or dental insurance, and had access to care only for emergencies. I have been lucky to graduate from college and law school, and to enjoy the benefits of a middle-class life in a beautiful community. But I have not forgotten where I came from, and I am convinced that assuring equal opportunity for all of our children to grow and prosper is the foundation of our democracy.

I believe strongly that we must stimulate business growth in Maine, capitalizing on our natural advantages and making sure our young people have the knowledge and skills to build a strong future for the state. We must renew Maine’s long-standing commitment to clean air, water and land; an obligation we owe to coming generations. I am also convinced that Maine cannot be strong without healthy people, and I support the expansion of federally-funded health coverage to 70,000 of our citizens, a decision that even several Republican governors have embraced.

We have been through a divisive time in the past few years, and it sometimes appears that we have forgotten that we in Maine are a relatively small population and that we are all in this thing together. We face tough and systemic challenges, but Mainers have overcome tougher ones in the past. If the voters of the 45th District give me their confidence, I will do everything I can to work cooperatively, across party lines, to find common ground on solutions that reflect our unique heritage.



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